Came to my first class with a mild interest and 4 weeks later loathe missing a week. Therese conducts the classes in a humourous but knowledgable manner the hour passes too quickly and we are all seeing the benifits already.
— Len, Cardiff

I have been going to Therese’s classes for a couple of months now and can really feel the difference. I feel stronger, more flexible and more toned.

Therese regularly alters the programme we follow and introduces different types of equipment so there is always something new to learn. There is an underlying structure to the classes so you are aware of the progress you are making.

Best Pilates class I’ve been to.
— Kerry, Dinas Powys

I have had rheumatoid arthritis for over 20 years.
Initially misdiagnosed, I was inappropriately treated for carpal tunnel syndrome for two years.

I finally found myself in front of the right specialist and began to work through the formulary protocol as directed by the rheumatologist.

Modern treatments can be life changing and I have benefited from three of them; my condition is now ‘under control’.

20 years of active joint disease, three surgical procedures including one hip replacement and one knee replacement has left me weak, sedentary and physically tentative. Anyone with any experience of RA will understand why the disease is often referred to as the ‘silent thief that steals your life away’.

I embarked upon reformer Pilates with Therese in July of this year. The the improvements were immediate and augmented week on week. Those improvements include;

More energy - I stand up more, walk more and do more on a daily basis.

Improved agility - I have an increased range of movements in many joints including the permanently damaged ones
I actually FEEL stronger, more stable and more assured in my movements.

The one hour sessions are tailored specifically to my needs and limitations, but still push me, continuously, for small improvements and achievements. They are sometimes a little strenuous but never unpleasantly so, and time passes quickly.

All of the above has had a huge impact on my confidence and on my desire to engage more fully with life. I feel I have come back to myself and I have returned to an approximation of the outgoing, gregarious and spirited person that I used to be. I count myself lucky that in my first foray into the world of Pilates that I stumbled upon an instructor who knew what they were doing and has a passion for sharing her expertise and helping others.
— Teresa, Cardiff
The sat-nav took me straight there, 13 minutes from central Cardiff. I could not believe what I found on arrival. A Scandi-style dedicated Pilates studio, full of Classical equipment, bi-fold doors, beautiful wood floors. This is not a frenetic gym, what you experience here is the total opposite - a secluded haven of tranquility.

The attention to every minute detail is very impressive. Therese observes closely, asks questions, and responds immediately to adjust the instructions. Gradually, steadily and calmly she builds a programme of tasks, exercises and movements that leave the client strengthened, and better able to cope with the days of week ahead.

Personally, I cannot thank Therese enough, because I have progressd from limping around with a walking stick when I started workding with her, to being able to live with the pain of arthritis, sciatica and post-chemo nerve damage. All I can sat is that I wish I had started learning Pilates dedcades ago.
— John H, Cardiff