Private, duet and small groups

The studio offers several options, private one-to-one tuition, duets (one-to-two), or small groups of 3 to 4.  Each and every session will provide a total body workout as well as addressing your individual needs and concerns.  Natural progressions are developed at a pace suitable for the client.  Each and every session is tailored-made to suit how you're feeling on the day and what goals you wish to achieve.


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Duet/Trio session

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Small, specialised groups


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Total body workout

Pilates works the body in a functional way, using muscles in synergy with each other. This is the way that the body is designed to be used and the movement sequences performed can prepare you for the physical challenges of everyday life.

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Core Stability

Pilates teaches you to consciously maintain optimum anatomical alignment in all positions and during movement. By coordinating the body as a whole, we are stronger, thus reducing the chances of injury caused by overuse of one area.

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Improved Body Awareness

Pilates work outs are designed to improve balance and coordination by teaching a greater connection between the mind and body.

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Tone and Strength

Pilates is a fantastic way to sculpt your muscles. In order to get optimum results you should participate in 3 or more sessions per week.


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