Bespoke Pilates classes 

V Pilates offers something for everyone, from mat classes suitable for all levels to men-only mat classes as well as an Introduction to Pilates for newcomers.  Or perhaps, you want a little bit more intensity, then the Pilates Plus Weights, which is a combination of mat-work and small hand weights, might be an option for you.  Private, duet and trio small group apparatus classes are available which are suitable for all abilities and individual needs.  Monthly apparatus workshops offer clients the opportunity to explore the equipment in a cost-effective group setting.  Monthly mat taster sessions focus on specific groups, from cycling to post-natal, check the website for details of our upcoming offerings.  Pilates retreats will combine walking, hiking, culture and relaxation for a memorable, holistic experience. 


Our bespoke pilates classes...

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Mat-All Levels

Pilates strengthens all of your muscles enabling you to better perform your everyday tasks and avoid injury.  Improve your range of movement, tone your abdominals, improve your posture, increase your muscle endurance and control your breathing.  Pilates is for everyone, because all of the exercises can be modified to suit all levels, body types and fitness levels.  


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Pilates Plus Weights (PPW)

This class combines Pilates Mat work with free weights.  The first half of this class focuses on Classical Mat-work and the second half focuses on core stability using foam rollers and small hand weights.  This class will challenge your balance, core stability and increase muscle strength and endurance.  A perfect partnership between suppleness and strength! 

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MEN Only Pilates

This class is just for the boys!  More and more men are practicing Pilates now than ever before and reaping the benefits.  There is an emphasis on improving flexibility, agility, and coordination whilst strengthening the core abdominal muscles.  

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Introduction to Pilates Course

This 6 week course teaches you introductory Pilates exercises enabling you to practice Pilates with confidence and gain all the benefits in a safe, relaxed atmosphere.   A perfect way to start your Pilates journey! 

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Pilates Weights Combo 

A fun, energetic work-out designed to add some variety to your Pilates practice.  You'll get all the benefits of doing Mat-work plus the added benefits of using free weights.  It will help you maintain bone density, and improve your strength and stamina.

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Mat-All Levels

This class will increase your range of movement, strengthen your abdominal muscles, improve your posture and reduce stress.  Deep ribcage breathing helps eases tension and encourages lymphatic drainage in the body.  

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Men-Only Mat

Pilates will improve your posture, by developing muscular balance in your joints.  Pilates promotes core activation and engages all of your postural muscles leading to more stable and powerful movements.  Reduce aches, pains and relieve stress by stretching and moving your body. 

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Apparatus benefits 

Apparatus sessions are tailored made to the individual and take into consideration how you're feeling on the day.  You will strengthen muscles all over the body, improve joint mobility and posture.  The focus is on what you can do despite any injuries or limitations that you may have.  Build your confidence and your strength with Pilates.


The studio is purpose built, equipped for Pilates Apparatus lessons and Mat classes and is suitable for all levels of experience. Book your class or bespoke pilates session today!