EQUIPMENT:  Most equipment designs use spring mechanisms that the client works to control while moving in different planes.  The Pilates Apparatus is suitable for All Levels. V Pilates Studio has the following Apparatus:-

The Pilates Arm Chair:  The Pilates Arm Chair (also called Baby Chair), is incredibly versatile and beneficial when working with clients that have shoulder or neck problems.  The goal of the Arm Chair, is to improve the functional stabilization of the joints.

Pilates Reformer:  dubbed the Universal Reformer for its diversity and versatility, it is one of the most popular pieces of equipment in the studio.  The horizontal carriage relieves stress and strain on the joints and aligns the body.  There are more than 100 movements created for the Reformer. 

Cadillac - Trapeze Table:  used therapeutically; in time the table was developed to work your arms, legs, torso and entire body against the various spring tensions and positions this table affords. 

Wunda Chair: -Joseph Pilates invented the Wunda Chair after observing Chinese acrobats's manoeuvres on a "box"; when turned upside down it doubles as an actual chair.  The Wunda Chair is used for Individual Needs to challenge balance and strength.

Ladder Barrel/Small barrel:  offers challenging abdominal exercises and flexibility movements that stretch and strengthen the entire body. 

Spine Corrector:- the Spine Corrector stretches, aligns and strengthens the spine; it relieves stiffness of the shoulders and hips and relieves common backaches and problems facing many people today.

Foot Corrector:- designed to strengthen and articulate the muscles of the foot.  Excellent for runners, walkers, hikers, everyone! 



V Pilates Studio

V Pilates Studio is a bespoke classical Pilates studio in the heart of Dinas Powys, Vale of Glamorgan. The studio is minutes away from the village square and within a 5 minute walk from the train station or bus.

Therese Holmes is the owner of V Pilates Studio and is certified by Peak Pilates. She is originally from New Jersey, USA, and has lived and worked in Cardiff for the last 25 years.  Therese has been teaching classical Pilates for over 10 years and is also a Personal Trainer and British Nordic Walking Instructor.  Therese has a Diploma in Health Sciences from the Open University (2008) and incorporates all of her experience and knowledge into a holistic approach to teaching.

The studio is purpose built, equipped for Pilates Apparatus lessons and Mat classes.  

MAT:- Mat is the entry into Pilates for many people and includes numerous exercises of varying difficulty and progression.  Mat is suitable for All Levels. Joseph Pilates developed Mat work, sometimes called The Method.  Click the button to see what's on our Timetable -->